New Song Worship for September

The New Song Worship for September will be at 7:00 PM, Sunday September 23, 2012. We will be worshiping God by eating and drinking together. (For many Americans, this will not be what you think of as a meal — more like a snack.)

One of the Jewish faith’s most important worship activities is the Passover Seder, a meal featuring lamb and unleavened bread where the story is retold of God’s rescue of God’s people Israel from slavery. The meal and the liturgy are together, one service.

We will NOT be eating a Seder together, either an authentic kind, or some kind of Christian version of one.

Instead, we will celebrate God’s glory in a way that is inspired by this Jewish practice. This will not be a “family night supper”, nor will we be having communion (since the service is lead by laypeople).  We will be incorporating eating together into the entire worship, so that the food we eat and the prayers we say will be one service of worship.

Please join us.