Northminster youth are integrated into all parts of church life. Youth regularly serve as liturgists and ushers and on church committees. They sing in the choir, join in mission projects, play music for worship, and more. They are first-class members of our church, and valued as deeply as any other member.

We have a small but vibrant youth group which meets primarily for Sunday school at 9:30 AM Sunday morning, led by Abby Clemons.

We have an annual lock-in, usually starting the Friday night before Martin Luther King Day, where we play games (like Blind Man’s Bluff in the Dark) and have discussions about a broad range of topics. (Some people even sleep!) Some recent themes: Music, Humor, Drama!!! (Exclamation points included!).

We have recently done trips with the youth to the Montreat Youth Conference, the Montreat Worship and Music Conference, and Presbyterian Youth Triennium. Youth leader Tim Ruppel regularly attends The Blaze youth leadership workshop.